Assembling a DIY Cube
Here is a video that shows the assembly of a similar cube:
For the students in 88Q, you can assemble your cube as follows:
  • Take a screw, thread it through a 1) large washer, 2) a spring, 3) a small washer, 4) a center piece (the symmetric piece with a hole), and screw it into the core. Do this for all 6 sides.
  • Put a pentagonal corner cap into each corner.
  • Place the corners and edges on the cube.
  • Apply the stickers: White opposite Yellow, Red opposite Orange, Green opposite Blue, with Blue-Orange-Yellow clockwise around one of the corners.

Links to Cubing Resources

(This information was assembled by Timothy Wong on the old cube club page, and being preserved on the new site.)

Here's some links to some real speedcubing pages that have oodles of great information, algorithms, event info--everything you would ever want to know about speedcubing, blindfold cubing, and everything else Rubik's Cube-related!
Leyan Lo's speedcubing page. Includes a great
beginner's solution and lots of other info as well.
An old solution I made a few years ago. Should still be okay.
Jasmine Lee's beginner solution to the Rubik's Cube.
Home of the unofficial records page, as well as competition listings.  Any and all major speedcubing events are always posted here.  Has some algorithm info as well.
Home of the World Cube Association--lists all detailed official competition results.
Shotaro "Macky" Makisumi's cubing site.  Macky is probably the most widely recognized cubers around (with the exception of Tyson Mao, perhaps), and he was the former world record holder for 3x3x3 with a single solve time of 12.11 seconds (that record stood for a looong time).  His site includes algorithms for the Fridrich method, as well as various other tricks and advice for intermediate and advanced cubers. (japanese)
Site run by Katsuyuki Konishi (otherwise known as "Katsu").  It's in Japanese so it might be a little tricky to navigate, but there's lots of algs here, as well as some insane videos.  I get a lot of my algorithms from Katsu's site, since I like his alg execution style.