Club Membership

The Cube Club currently does not have formal notion of "membership". Anyone may participate in club events, and anybody who is interested in club activities might be considered a member.
If you are interested in the club, you should join the mailing list and consider attending club meetings.

Club Meetings

The club is currently not having regular meetings, though they may resume in the near future.

Mailing List

The main form of communication for the club is the mailing list:
If you're interested in what the club is up to, you should join it! (Message volume is currently very light.)


The Stanford Cube Club is involved in running official Rubik's Cube competitions at Stanford. See the Competitions Page.
Cube Club members are encouraged to attend competitions and compete. They are also welcome to help out by judging competitors.

Some Stanford students also attend various local competitions (mainly those at UC Berkeley). If you're interested in attending these, subscribe to the club mailing list and watch for announcements.


Activities Fairs

In order to promote cubing at Stanford, the Cube Club hosts a table at Stanford's two annual Activities Fairs: one during Admit Weekend, and one during NSO.


The club president has traditionally taught high school students how to solve a cube, at the two annual Splash sessions.

Speedcubing Course

Lucas Garron taught student-initiated course on speedcubing (Math78SI; Speedcubing: History, Theory, and Practice) in the Fall quarter of 2009, and may teach it again in 2011.

Math Course

Math 88Q (The Mathematics of the Rubik's Cube) is a math course designed by Daniel Bump and offered occasionally at Stanford.