Rubik's Cube competitions are being held regularly at Stanford.
Check the list of competitions for up-to-date information on competitions world-wide.

About Attending Competitions

All Stanford community members are encouraged to attend competitions on campus. Anyone may come and watch (admission is free).
If you can solve a cube, you should also consider competing. You definitely don't have to be very fast, and at regular competitions the entry fee may be waived/reduced if you present a Stanford ID.

Upcoming/Past Competitions

Stanford Spring 2010, May 23, Meyer 124

EPGY Stanford Winter 2010, February 13, Annenberg Auditorium

Stanford Cube-A-Palooza 2009, November 21, Meyer 124

US Nationals 2009, August 14-16, Dinkelspiel Auditorium

EPGY Stanford Winter 2009, February 14, Annenberg Auditorium

EPGY California Open 2008, February 16, Kresge Auditorium