78SI Class Information


Speedcubing: History, Theory, and Practice is a new student-initiated course at Stanford that will be led by Lucas Garron (me) in the Autumn quarter of 2009.

Anyone may take the course. There are no prerequisites or requirements other than a willingness to learn about the cube. (If you can't solve a cube yet but want to learn, I will teach you.) If you'd like to see what topics will be covered, you can download the draft syllabus here.
Please note that the separate class (intro sem) 88Q is much more specific and advanced (about group theory), and will be offered during the spring.

In order to pass the course, you need to maintain attendance, complete the (light) reading, and complete/present a project. This should be easy if you sign up with curiosity and interest about the cube.


Class Name:Speedcubing: History, Theory, and Practice
Class Number:Math 78SI (#56353 in Axess)
Course "Instructor":Lucas Garron, SCC President
Course Advisor:Daniel Bump, Professor of Mathematics
Units:1 unit
Class Size:20 students
Grading Basis:Credit/No Credit
Course Classroom:381U
Course Meeting Time:7PM, Tuesday evenings (finalized)